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Cooling Water Treatment Programs

Seaco cooling water programs address the need for performance and reliability while reducing operating costs.

It is no longer feasible to apply stock formulary and expect to be on the cutting edge of technology. Plants are different, water quality differs, critical heat exchange is unique and your needs reflect it.

Seaco Technologies Inc maximizes treatment performance by providing programs specifically tailored to each cooling water system. Service programs are designed to measure real performance. Chemistries are cutting edge to address system corrosion, deposition and health and environmental risks. Nothing is taken for granted. You can not afford it and neither can we.

  • Ferrous metals, yellow metal alloys, aluminum, galvanized
  • Inorganic deposition and fouling
  • Organic and microbiological control
  • Complete automation and control from proprietary instrumentation to Allen Bradley PLC's
  • Remote laboratory services
  • Computerized heat exchange modeling
  • Closed systems, once through and re-circulating systems

Speak with a Seaco technical representative and see the difference.

Cooling Water Treatment