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Domestic Water

Management Services

State and County agencies require analytical testing of all domestic water systems. A specific Water Monitoring Schedule is set for each individual water system, based on the size and type of system. These regulations can often be quite confusing and any errors can result in fines and penalties. Seaco's technical account representatives are knowledgeable of these regulations and work directly with the State and County agencies to keep your water system in compliance.

The California Department of Public Health has recently started enforcing a regulation which requires any water system which has more than twenty-five residents and operates more than sixty days a year to maintain a Certified Distribution Operator. Seaco also provides this service as well as compiling the required yearly Consumer Confidence Reports.

Chlorination Services Seaco also provides the Emergency Chlorination Plans which are required in the event of a positive bacteriological sample and holds a primary registration for liquid chlorine (gas) as well as sodium hypochlorite. We can work with you to create and implement a plan to fit your every chlorine need.


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