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Dust Control

Seaco Technologies, Inc. is a recognized leader in the development of specialty performance chemistries. We have dust control products that we apply to Agricultural and mining businesses. We also provide dust control for power and energy facilities. Seaco provides the full spectrum of suppression technologies: fog, water spray, foam and coating/crusting agents.

The Seaco DustMaster foam system is recognized as the premier system in the market today. This extremely robust engineered hardware combines with specific chemistries to solve fugitive dust problems where other systems fail.

Our foaming agents were created to fill the demand for effective dust control without excessive water use. Seaco's patented DustRx foaming agents provide a selective capture of particles 50 microns or less while leaving larger particles dry. This allows dust suppression without the penalties associated with excessive moisture addition. Typically, water rates are reduced by as much as 90% over water spray systems.

We understand that each production site requires a slightly different solution. By choosing Seaco for your dust control application you receive much more than just chemistry. Our experts will do an onsite survey, then engineer a system to provide the performance required to meet your demands.

Dramatic results can be obtained using Seaco's patented DustRx foaming agents. We provide not only the chemistry but the engineering, unparalleled service and commitment to handle your dust control needs. Real life onsite trials are available for performance evaluation. Seaco can also address haul roads, piles and burms where a crusting agent is of value.

  • Onsite survey
  • Engineering of dust control system
  • Chemistry formulated to meet specific applications.

Speak with a Seaco technical representative and see the difference.