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Erosion Control

The erosion caused by field irrigation in the agriculture industry is a serious problem which develops with surface or flood irrigation. Erosion caused by water can seriously affect crop yield and safety of the area being affected. The reduction in soil quality caused by erosion can result in the loss of nutrient rich upper layers of the soil. Seaco has products to fix this problem and the account technical representatives who will work with you today to create a treatment plan for your business.

Seaco uses polyacrylamide in irrigation water to treat erosion; polyacrylamide is an environmentally safe industrial flocculent which eliminates furrow-induced erosion. Seaco has these treatments in spray form for easy application as well as pre-blended products to save you time and money. Our treatments adhere to the soil forming a bond which minimizes soil erosion.

Although sprinkler and drip-irrigation processes are increasing, surface and flood irrigation are still widely used and the erosion they cause must be treated in a safe and productive way. This is why Seaco has created easy treatment plans and products available to fit your business needs today.

Speak with a Seaco technical representative and see the difference.

Erosion Control