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Mining & Minerals

Seaco can provide assistance with an array of different mining techniques. In the mining industries, dust can cause a major problem with production as well as safety, which is why Seaco has a patented dust control system which allows dust suppression without excessive water usage.

Dust control can be applied to many different mining plants including: cement, copper, borax, coal, and limestone. Trial runs are administered to show how our system works and provides for an increase in productivity in the workplace. Seaco also provides boiler and cooling water services in the previous areas to make your system run as efficient as possible and avoid unnecessary costs.

Seaco makes a program that is tailored to fit your company's needs and performance using cutting edge chemical technology. We believe in regular monitoring and addressing of corrosion, deposition, as well as health and environmental risks.

Speak with a Seaco technical representative and see the difference.

Mining & Minerals