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Boiler Treatments

Seaco Technologies, Inc. has a complete line of products for treatment of industrial boiler systems incorporating the latest advances in technology.  Each program is tailored to the needs of the particular system.

Custom Treatments

Examples of systems which benefit from custom formulated chemical programs include: Field Erected Boilers
High Heat Flux Package Boilers
Low Pressure Boilers
High Pressure Boilers
Waste Heat Boilers
Once Through Boilers
Cogeneration Systems
Fire Tube Boilers

Boiler Water Problems

Seaco has treatment programs which address many problems including oxygen corrosion, embrittlement, drum foaming, tube scaling and more.  An inadequate program in these areas can lead to failure of the boiler and associated equipment.  A dedicated program to provide real time operating control of system parameters is necessary along with a chemical program that is forgiving of upsets in water quality and changes in steaming rates.

Chemical Functionality

Seaco boiler water treatment programs contain a combination of chemical agents to mitigate boiler scale, stop corrosion and maintain boiler internal cleanliness to assure steady operation and proper heat transfer.  These programs may utilize oxygen scavengers, sequestrants, dispersants, chelants, and many others.  The use of new polymer technology provides treatment power previously unavailable.  The use of critical treatment regimes where both underfeed and overfeed could lead to severe problems are outdated by these chemistries.  As with all Seaco programs, on site consultation, analysis and operator training lead to smoother operation of your boiler system with reduced maintenance and increased profitability.

Speak with a Seaco technical representative and see the difference.