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Chlorination Equipment

Seaco Technologies Inc. is proud to offer SUPERIOR products for water and wastewater treatment. SUPERIOR represents the most modern design technology coupled with the very best materials available SUPERIOR has created outstanding user-friendly equipment, designed with user safety as a primary concern. Their products feature:

  • Ultra-Thick Fluoroplastic Yoke Coating
  • All Fiberglass Reinforced ABS Molding
  • Fluoroplastic Rate Valve "Seat"
  • Titanium Non-Corroding Bolts & Nuts
  • Extra-Heavy Ejector Diffuser Outlet Threads
  • "Universal" Ejector Diffuser
  • PVDF Vacuum Tube Fittings - "User Friendly"
  • High/Low Back Pressure Check Valve Is Standard
  • Easiest to Maintain and Service
  • Fewer Parts - Made From Better Materials
  • Lower Initial Cost...Lower Operating Cost
  • 3-Year Warranty...Lifetime Warranty on 5 Major Parts
Assemblies Autovalve Chlorine Residual Analyzers Chlorinators Vacuum Liquid Feed Systems

Speak with a Seaco technical representative and see the difference.